Batgirl costumes for girls

Who said that girls can only dress up in pink and be princesses? It's not true! They can also be superheroines and look better than everyone in a Batgirl costume for girls.

If your little girl is dying to have a Batgirl costume for girls and wear it to the next costume party, you are in luck. In our catalogue you will find that there are many models available: from Batgirl costumes (in pink or classic black) to the most feminine version of the Robin costume, an adorable little cat like Catwoman or a harlequin with a Harley Quinn costume for girls.

And when you have worked out which Batgirl costume for girls or boys they like the best, don't forget the accessories. You will need batarangs, maybe a cape and even some titanium reinforced gloves to fight against the "baddies" in Gotham.

Make your own bat-party at home, with each member of the family dressed up as a different kind of Batman. Let everyone know who rules your city!
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