Harry Potter Party

If you are a Harry Potter lover or if you're organizing a party for a real "potterhead"... congratulations! Just the same way that if you'd just have drank the Felix Felicis potion, luck has made you find the best Harry Potter birthday decorations at Funidelia, so you can throw a Hogwarts Great Hall party at your own home. You'll got evertything you need!

From the Sorting Hat pinata to your favourite Hogwarts House Shield cake moulds. From Harry Potter photocall sets (including glasses, tie, lightning and golden snitch) to baking stamps or cupcake cases with the colors of Hogwarts Houses. And... of course, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff tablecloths, plastic or paper cups, napkins...

We have everything you need to throw the most magical Harry Potter birthday party in the Wizarding World. And if you are looking for a Harry Potter present... you'll love our Harry Potter merchandise selection: Gryffindor scarves, Harry Potter robes, or official Harry Potter replicas from all characters from the magical saga...




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