Police costumes: for kids, women and men. FBI fancy dress costumes

Protect and serve. The basic motivation for a police officer or law enforcement officer. Remember that when you wear your police officer costume to the next Carnival, Halloween or costume party. Prepare your gun, handcuffs and your badge because these are the basic accessories for a police costume for kids or adults. You can add some sunglasses, a cap or even a club to your fancy dress costume. If you are going to wear a policewoman costume and you want to give it that sexy touch, you can wear a skirt with some high heeled boots. If you would prefer to wear a FBI costume, remember to wear a black cap and a jacket that clearly reads FBI. If you would prefer to go as the anti riot police or a special police force officer you can opt for a SWAT costume with a helmet, a big weapon and a bulletproof jacket. That way you will always be ready for action. Don't just stick with the classics. Police costumes are always a good option, but the most fun costumes are zombie police ones especially for Halloween. But although we have many options for you to dress up as a police officer... it's true that you won't be a true law enforcement agent without someone to catch.... So get dressed up as a pair or in a group!! At Funidelia you will also find a wide selection of thief and prisoner costumes that will go perfectly with your police costume. And remember, when you enter the party, shout "Stop, Police!" and everyone will be stunned.

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