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Do you love disco music? Then you just need to dance to the rhythm of Stayin’ Alice in these 1970s costumes. Flares, shirts with big collars and super afro hair has arrived at Funidelia! The ‘70s was the decade of disco and “Saturday Night Fever”. The end of the movement back in 1969 had a certain influence on the ‘70s and part of the style lived on, like the colourful, psychedelic prints. With these disco costumes you’ll be the king or queen of any party. Here you’ll find a huge variety of ‘70s costumes for men, women or kids. You could opt for a jumpsuit, a long sleeved dress, or a shirt with a huge collar and flares - the bigger the better. And of course, don’t forget a good long haired wig. You could also add a fun moustache, big sunglasses, or an eye catching hat to your costume. If you’re a real heart-breaker and want to be the most handsome man around, choose a disco costume like the one John Travolta wears in the famous musical, 'Saturday Night Fever'. It’s a costume with a black shirt open at the chest, a waistcoat, white blazer and, of course, some white flares. A totally 70s look you can wear while you dance all night to the rhythm of the best disco music.

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