Costumes for Groups and Families

At the next party, dress up in a group with your friends! There is nothing more original than the group costumes from Funidelia. We have the best group Carnival costume ideas, Halloween, or any other costume party. Can you imagine a group of people in Smurf outfits on the street? And someone dressed as Pac-Man being chased by four ghosts? What about a family outfit, everyone dressed up as their favourite superheroes or characters from Star Wars? Grab your friends and group costumes to be the Pink Ladies or put on a red and white striped jumper and make an original group dressed as Wally. What do you think of dressing up as a family as the Flintstones? The best part of Carnival parties is the power to dress up in a group or as a family. Add the necessary accessories to complete your group costume: wigs, masks, hats... whatever! We are sure you will have the most original group costume and you will turn into party kings and queens!