Beetlejuice Costumes

Beetlejuice is a larger-than-life character created by Tim Burton. You can now have this extravagant and fun look thanks to these Beetlejuice costumes. Beetlejuice is a deceased character living in the “Netherworld”, a recreation of the real world according to the dead. He’s capable of transforming his body into the most diverse and grotesque forms. The movie was a box-office hit in the 80’s and Beetlejuice continues to be a timeless Halloween guest. If you enjoyed the spirit of the unliving in Beetlejuice, or you’re a great fan of cartoons, you can now browse through the greatest catalog of officially licensed Beetlejuice costumes. White and black stripes aren’t missing from our collection, and neither are the signature tousled wigs. Add a Beetlejuice mask and some spectacular white makeup. Become the king of the night this Halloween…and don’t forget to drink plenty of beetle juice.
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