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The definitive Pac-Man costumes have finally arrived! With your Pac-Man costume and the Pac-Man Ghosts costume, you will be the highlight of any party!

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These are the Pac-Man costumes that you've been looking for

There is nothing more 80s than an arcade game. And there is no better game than Pac-Man. That is why everyone will be blown away at the next costume party when they see you arrive in your Pac-Man costume.

Whether you spent days on end playing Pac-Man or whether you only know this legendary game from films or TV series, you will love our Pac-Man costumes.

And not only do we have the unmistakable Pac-Man costume, we also have the costumes of the Pac-Man Ghosts. All the ghosts that drove you crazy trying to catch you as you played: Inky (blue), Blinky (red), Pinky (pink) and Clyde (orange).

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to dress up with your friends? One of you could be Pac-Man and the rest of you could chase him dressed up as ghosts! ;)

But, if you feel you are too mature for that and you are now a grown-up, don’t worry! We also have some great options for you! Wear a Pac-Man suit from Opposuits and you will be the best dressed guest at the party. A complete suit, with jacket, trousers and tie, that will make everyone stare in amazement!

If the 80s pump through your veins, we guarantee that you’ll love the Pac-Man merchandise on our website.