Witch and original wizard costumes

Feel the black magic with these witch costumes for Halloween or fight against the most powerful magic with these Harry Potter style wizard costumes! Dress up for a night of witches and wizards! Next Halloween you will be able to cast spells with your witch outfit, witch's hat, cauldron and wonky nose. Witch costumes are some of the most classic Halloween costumes for the night of Halloween and are also ideal for any themed party or for school plays for children. At Funidelia you will find high quality detailed witch costumes for women and girls as well as low-prices models or ideas to make your outfit at home with various accessories. But if prefer white magic don't worry because we also have wizard outfits for men and boys. Unleash your magic wand and don't hold back from casting the most powerful spells with a Harry Potter or Merlin the wizard outfit!

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All the wizard and witch costumes that you can imagine

If your little girl loves magic we have the best witches costumes for girls. She could turn into an adorable little witch with her peaked hat and her black dress with colours (orange, purple, green...). But if she doesn't like the classic image of a witch with a wonky nose, she could also dress up as the most famous witch from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger. If it's you that loves magic, we also have witch costumes for women that would be perfect for you. Sexy witch outfits, Maleficent costumes, the witch from The Wizard of Oz... If your objective is to achieve a classic witch outfit, add a pointy hat, a wonky nose and a bit of make-up to get the final touch of a few horrifying warts. If you prefer the Merlin style magic, Harry Potter or the type of magic that pulls a rabbit out of a top hat, at Funidelia you will find the best wizard costumes to show off to all with your tricks. Abracadabra...#!