Daenerys Funko Pop (Khaleesi)

If you’ve been on “Team Khaleesi” from the start, if Daenerys has always been the true Queen of the Seven Kingdoms for you, if you love the white coat she wears when travelling North... You’re in luck! We’ve got loads of Daenerys Funkos for you to add to your collection. Among all of our Game of Thrones Funkos, you’ll find Khaleesi Funkos from every season: from Daenerys as “Mother of Dragons”, rising from the flames, to Daenerys as Khaleesi “Breaker of Chains” and liberator of the slaves in Meereen. Funkos of Khaleesi with her white coat when she visited the North with her dragons, or the Funko of Daenerys sitting on the Dragonstone throne, home of the Targaryens. And, of course, we’ve also got a Daenerys Funko sitting on the Iron Throne! Whatever your favourite version of Daenerys, we’ve got it in Funko form in our Game of Thrones merchandise section here at Funidelia. Complete your collection by adding Funko Jon Snow! And remember, if they ask you must always reply, "I'm not a princess, I'm a Khaleesi!"

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