Harry Potter Mugs

You can finally raise a glass to Dumbledore with these unique Harry Potter mugs. Enjoy a hot chocolate, pumpkin juice, mead, or even a tasty glass of butterbeer in our unique Harry Potter glasses, cups and mugs. Or, if you prefer, you could always have a bland muggle drink like coffee... We’ve got great styles available, featuring drawings of different characters, and Hogwarts mugs with the House emblems on. Plus, we've also got Harry Potter mugs featuring famous phrases, characters and places from the films, like Voldemort, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Platform 9 and 3/4... There are loads of different models, all perfect for inviting your friends over for a few butterbeers. Our Harry Potter mugs are so magical they even change colour with the temperature! Discover the effect of the Expecto Patronum charm! These mugs are a great gift idea for any Potterhead, as is the rest of the Harry Potter merchandise and unique mugs that you can find here at Funidelia. Come and take a look! Now you know that if you want to pass for a real Hogwarts student you can’t be seen in the Great Hall without your Harry Potter mug, your cape with the emblem of your favourite house, and your Harry Potter magic wand!

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