Jamaica & Rastafari Wigs

Do you love the music of Bob Marley, or the Rastafari style? Now you can look like one of your musical idols with these Rasta wigs. At Funidelia we’ve travelled to Jamaica and brought back the best Rasta wigs, so you can feel the flow of reggae and be the star of your next costume party. Rasta wigs are perfect for dressing up as a Jamaican, a reggae singer, a festival lover, or simply to add a distinctive touch and some and good vibes to any costume. A unique idea for carnivals, Halloween, or any fancy-dress party. With these Rasta wigs you can live your life in a more relaxed way, free and without worries. Take it easy, man! Choose between loads of different kinds of Rasta wigs, from long to short, dishevelled or well kept, you could even go for dreadlocks. Choose the one that suits your personality and go with the flow! A good Rastafarian costume, in addition to a wig with somewhat dishevelled dreadlocks, should have some wide and comfortable trousers, a multi-coloured t-shirt or poncho (usually green, yellow and red) with vibrant colours. Live life your way with these Rasta wigs!

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