Santa Masks

Have you always wondered how it feels to be Santa Claus? At Funidelia we have what you’ve always wanted! A Santa Claus mask that will make even the reindeer doubt your real identity. The Christmas spirit will take you over with these Santa Claus masks, and you’ll give off the all the joy that the real Santa Claus does. Don’t hesitate, become the beloved Santa with one of these Santa Claus masks, which include a whole world of detail: like his long, white beard, which you’ll want to keep brushing, and his chubby little nose that makes him so endearing. But get ready to suddenly age a few years, because these Santa Claus masks are super realistic! If you’ve always wanted to walk a mile in Santa Claus’ shoes and spread joy, happiness and gifts wherever you go, find your favourite Santa Claus mask. The perfect accessory for a Santa Claus costume, with his classic red velvet suit and unforgettable Santa Claus hat (so he's always cosy and warm). Enjoy your next Christmases like never before and remember to recite his classic Ho, Ho, Ho!
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