Spiderman Backpacks

With great power comes great responsibility, and keeping your valuables safe is one of these. But with these Spiderman backpacks, there's no need to worry. They may not be made from tough spider webs, but they can handle a whole year of classes, day trips and travels, and anything else that comes their way. All our backpacks carry the Marvel guarantee. Discover all our different superhero backpack designs and styles, and watch out for Spiderman! Weโ€™ve got Spiderman backpacks for fans of all ages and for all activities: bags for pre-schoolers, trolley bags with wheels, bags for school or for day trips... Because even superheroes need somewhere to put their schoolbooks. Not even Peter Parker could choose between these Spiderman backpacks. Weโ€™ve got bags featuring the symbol on Spiderman's chest, the Spiderman mask, Spiderman shooting webs... Even drawstring backpacks in different prints. With these shoulder bags and drawstring backpacks, you can take your favourite superhero with you wherever you go. If youโ€™re a long-time fan of the Spiderman universe, if youโ€™ve seen the latest Spiderman film on the big screen... Then youโ€™re going to love the Spiderman merchandise here at Funidelia. Weโ€™ve got t-shirts, sweatshirts, Funkos, backpacks, caps... And much more!

  • Spiderman Backpack - Marvel Spiderman Backpack - Marvel
    Official Product
    Includes: School backpack with two zippered compartments and two side pockets. Measures 310 x 470 x 240 mm.
    A$ 68.23 Before A$ 79.99
  • Marvel Comics Backpack Marvel Comics Backpack
    Official Product
    Includes: Backpack. Measurements: 30x41x14cm
    A$ 32.25 Before A$ 39.99
  • Spiderman Camouflage School Backpack - Marvel Spiderman Camouflage School Backpack - Marvel
    Official Product
    Includes: Urban backpack with breathable padded back. Can be converted to a trolley backpack. Padded internal divider for laptops. USB point to charge your mobile via power bank (not included). Water resistant exterior that withstands light stains. Measurements: 45 x 37 x 15cm
    A$ 79.99
  • Spiderman Light Up Backpack for Boys Spiderman Light Up Backpack for Boys
    Official Product
    Includes: Backpack
    A$ 39.99
  • Spiderman Drawstring Backpack for Men
    Official Product
    Includes: Single compartment drawstring bag. Reinforced base with high-end material and horizontal band with breathable fabric. Measures 35cm x 48cm x 1cm.
    A$ 16.77 Before A$ 29.99
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