Spiderman Masks

We’ve all got secrets... And at Funidelia we're going to reveal to you one of the best kept secrets of Peter Parker, the secret weapon that keeps him anonymous ... His mask! In our online shop you’ll find the perfect Spiderman mask for you. In this varied collection you’ll find eye masks and whole face masks, just like Peter himself. Become the next Spiderman, without being bitten by a spider, with any of these Spiderman masks. We’ve got Spiderman masks and eye masks for men, women and kids. Use them to form a family of masked superheroes. But Spiderman didn’t come to Funidelia alone, now you can become Venom, his cruel and terrifying arch enemy. Pick one of our impressive Venom masks, to terrify everyone with his fierce, pointed teeth and long tongue. Combine these masks with a t-shirt or Spiderman costume and you’ll have the perfect look for carnival, Halloween, or any other costume party. With these Spiderman masks you can unleash your imagination and become your favourite fictional character.

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