The Nun (Valak) Costumes

Do you love horror movies? Are you a fan of The Conjuring saga, with films like Annabelle and The Nun? If so, you’re in luck! Scare your friends with one of our terrifying Valak costumes, star of the film “The Nun”. The film tells the story of the demon, Valak, in who has taken the form of a nun she possesses. After several nuns are attacked in an abbey in Romania, Sister Irene and Father Burke are sent from the Vatican to investigate the happenings of the previous night, when two nuns die. This nun costume includes all the details of this evil character, including a nun mask that will terrify anyone who comes near. You’ve also got the option to take home the costume and use the Halloween make-up on our online shop to make yourself look just like Valak. This Valak Nun costume is just one of the outstanding new additions to the collection of Halloween costumes we’ve put together for you, an amazing selection of scary movie costumes. Surprise your friends and be the hit of any scary costume party with our Nun costume!

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