Knight Costumes

Medieval times have returned and it's time to protect your castle against the most dangerous enemy armies. But don’t worry, with these knight costumes you’ll be the most feared person in all the Middle Ages and no one will dare mess with you or your friends. Thanks to these costumes, you can become a knight for a day in the court of King Arthur, with his grey and red outfit; a Knight Templar with grey sleeves, a hood, and a white cloak with a large red cross in the middle; or become a medieval knight with strong silver armour that protects your entire body.  There are loads of different options when it comes to choosing a knight costume, but whatever you pick you’ll need some good chain mail, which can even include a hood. For a more elegant look, wear a tunic on top that shows which Knightly Order you belong to, and a cape. And of course, don’t forget to accessorize your knights costume with a weapon, normally a sword (a fake one, obviously, so you don’t hurt anyone!) Leave the Middle Ages behind and become every inch the 21st Century Knight. With these knight costumes, everyone will respect you and you’ll become the protector of all your friends. The perfect costume for any fancy-dress party. Get yours now and get to work conquering a territory!
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