Vampirina Costumes

If your little one loves Disney shows, especially Vampirina, here's your chance to get her an amazing gift for Halloween (or any other costume party). Youโ€™ll make your little one very happy with this Vampirina costume! Vampirina is the star of a popular kids Disney Channel show. The series tells the story of a young vampire who goes on amazing adventures when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. Vampirina has to go through being the new kid in town, which is always hard, but especially if youโ€™re a vampire... Now your little one can dress up like her favourite cartoon star and have a great Halloween night going โ€œTrick or Treatingโ€ as Vampirina. This Vampirina costume has everything: a black dress with white spider web design, a pink t-shirt and a cap with bat wings... The perfect kids costume! Enjoy an amazing party, just like Vampi and her friends would!
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